We have been trying to contact Martians for a long time.
Now, we have the technology to do it.

On-Chain Transponders have enabled us to write a Message to Martians and receive Space Capsules, beamed down from Space.

Mint a Transponder and get a "Space Capsule" beamed down as a gift from the Martians. It contains your Space Gear essential for your adventure into space exploration and colonization

You can use your Transponder to write a word in the Message to the Martians whenever you desire.

Message Writers will also get a NFT of their written Word as a token of appreciation.

To keep our message in managable length for the Martians, we will limit the message to 8,888 Transponders and Space Capsules only.

All Transponders, Space Capsules,  Words, and the Broadcasted Message are generated entirely on-chain.

Space Exploration and Building will begin immediately after all transponders have been minted.
??:??:??:?? - till message broadcasting begins‍

?,???/8,888 Transponders + Space Capsules Minted
Mint ( 0.04444Ξ ) :

?,???/8,888 Words Broadcasted
Broadcast with Transponder
Broadcast Word Your Available Transponders
Initiating Transmission to Space...